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B5 115TDI Avant

qwagon Mar 11, 2013

  1. qwagon

    qwagon New Member

    As i'm ill in bed and the car is actually looking alright finally, I thought it was time to do one of these.

    Up until February '12 I had a little Arosa. It was low n slow and I loved it, would have happily kept it as I had loads of plans for it.

    However we decided to visit my missus' sister in the highlands and then drive from there to the South of France. As there was 4 of us going the Arosa wouldn't have been ideal so I put it up for sale. Looked at Passats, Mk4 Golfs, Toledo's etc etc but finally went to see this.
    115TDI FL with 150k on it at the time. All seemed good, plenty of history so bought it. Got the clutch replaced (stupid DMF!) and off we went

    Up in Scotland:

    Then on the way back up England from France (we may have bought some cheap booze....)

    Not long after the sale of my flat went through, so instead of buying Budget coilovers like I normally do I treated myself to some AP's

    Then took them down to a local garage along with all new front Suspension arms for Piney a member on a local VAG forum to fit. Which resulted in this

    Then, more than likely due to the lows my Steering rack seals decided to jump ship. So back down to Piney for new rack, wheel bearings and brakes.

    I hummed and arr'd about fitting these:

    But with a house purchase and up coming wedding, I ain't exactly flush so decided against, and have them up for sale.

    Instead got these cheap of ED38

    They were in Cardiff but the Missus lives about 90mins away so I picked them up when I was down at hers.
    Got a pair of 205/45's off here, along with some very nice looking spigot rings:

    and along with some longer bolts I got them fitted last night............in the snow:

    Pretty pleased! Back needs to come down a tad and eventually I want to get another pair of 205/45's for the back and space them out 15mm

    Plans for it:

    Even out ride height
    Lamin-x Spots
    All red the rear lights
    De tow bar
    Pressed plates
    Mk4 GTI Recaro's
    Sort out stonechips on bonnet
    Maintain it!!

    Doubt progress will be rapid, trying to flog some wheels and stuff to free up some cash. Love the build quality, but a few niggling faults to sort out. Hopefully it'll keep going. Currently on 173k and I'm trying to keep it regularly serviced.

    Next service I'm going to get the timing belt and water pump replaced as well as the glow plugs.

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