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Axle bushes!!

imrand1 Aug 26, 2004

  1. imrand1

    imrand1 New Member

    Hey guys, I’ve been a member for a while but never posted.....normally just read the advice and comments that are put up.

    Anyway.....thought I’d tell you of my weekend experience. After returning from Spain on Saturday (just gone), I got in to my MkIV Golf 1.6 SE 98-S and heard squeaking from the rear passenger side suspension. I had heard the noise a week earlier but thought I would get it seen to after my holiday as it did not seem to serious. But when I started driving the noise was much louder than I remembered. I was planning to leave for London (from Manchester) the day after so I thought I better had get it seen to. I initially thought it was the shock absorber and the noise was louder as the car had been stationary for a while. I went to Kwik-fit only because they check your shocks for free. the guy said that the shock was fine but it may be the axle bush. Not knowing what an axle bush does I took it to a VW specialist who put it up on the ramp. he showed me the rear passenger spring and the marks on it which was a consequence of part of the brake rubbing against it. his conclusion was also the axle bush, he warned me that it was a big job and labour would be £130, falling back on my student loan I told him to start work on it.

    I came back an hour later to find my axle on the floor and the rear springs lying beside it. The mechanic had called me in to show me that the spring on the passenger rear side had actually broke. The break was small and at the tip of the spring but was enough to cause the spring to fall out of its set place. This resulted in the ordering of a new set of springs and axle bushes. I offered to get the springs and bushes from my local Europarts for speed but they only had the bushes. I tried Swedish, German and French and 2 VW garages but they didn't have springs for a MkIV golf. Can you belive it? I mean we're not talking about a rare car are we? There are at least three on every street in Manchester. I returned to the garage with two axle bushes in my hand and told the mechanic if he knew anyone who could get the springs to get them. He quoted me £35 a spring, I agreed and he went on his way.

    I returned two hours later to see my baby sitting in the car park waiting for me. Hang on a minute the back looks a lot lower than the front. From a far I thought it was because of uneven ground but as I approached the car I realised the ground was as flat as a fart. Oh no, looks like I’m not going anywhere for a while. I spoke to the mechanic and he showed me the box the springs came in, they were for the GTi spec Golf. I wouldn’t have minded the lower back if he had lowered the front but as he had not been that generous the car looked like a backward wedge. He kindly opened on Sunday to fit the right springs and collected my £200. The car is running fine.

    I never hammered my car down steps or strained the suspension but I guess its just bad luck. I hope none of you manage to screw your suspension like that.

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