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Awx questions and inlet manifold interchangeability?

mrnice Feb 7, 2013

  1. mrnice

    mrnice Member

    Few quick questions for the knowledgeable-

    I have a 2001 avant 1.9tdi 130 (awx)-

    1-are all awx's 130's?
    2-is the inlet manifold for this engine unique or will other manifolds fit/be suitable?

    At 172k miles my egr and associated inlet pipework could likely do with a good clean and de-coke,
    I've been scanning the web for a used manifold that I could clean up at my leisure to cut down on
    car down-time, but there seems to be a plethora of different 1.9tdi manifolds.

    I've found 2 awx specific used manifolds for £85 each but not sure if they'll be specifically for 130's (see question 1),
    and they're 3 times more expensive than for most other engine codes.

    any thoughts and advice appreciated!
  2. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    Cleaning the manifold/EGR is not a big job, takes a bit of time and is messy, but brake cleaner/thinners works a treat! I believe all AWX's are 130, however all inlets are not the same. If you are looking for a replacment it must have been removed from a Passat/A4/A6 as they are longitudinally mounted engines and the inlet pipework comes from the rear of the car. In a Golf/bora/A3 etc the engine is transversly mounted and the inlet is the other way round (so would be piped from the front of the vehicle if fitted to an A6).

    There are plenty of threads regarding the upgrade and removal of EGR valve and intake cleaning on forums such as TDIclub etc, just do a search on google. As regards an upgrade, most people (like myself) fit the 130/150PD manifold to the older 110 engine as it is a better design, however for you I don't think there is an upgrade easily available. I'd just clean out the one you've got, It's about 8 bolts holding the inlet on and a few EGR pipes/cooler.
  3. mrnice

    mrnice Member

    Many thanks for that, very informative, I guess that'll explain why the awx ones are more pricey,
    for the money I'd be better just putting in the extra time cleaning my own. Disconnected and plugged vacuum pipe to egr
    yesterday and seem to have cured a flat spot or slight stutter at roughly 2k rpm. Not really looking at upgrades just
    maintenance and smoother running.

    Now, just have to find time for this between parenting duties and work....hmm
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2013

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