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Daveotto Sep 1, 2013

  1. Daveotto

    Daveotto Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    Was great to meet Mark (A3sportbackMark) after collecting our cars for a rather rushed what do you think of it so far discussion and a few photos. next time will have to have proper more leisurely chat.

    No time to play around with all the options and hence no detailed review on how good the Audi sound system s over the B&O (but sounded pretty good to me) or how good/VFM the other options are, that will come in the coming weeks.

    For me it was put in the SD card work out how to select dynamic and just drive, drive, drive....well around a 100 miles, still not worked out how to change the DIS to display the trip counter.

    This car is just amazing, sports suspension is great, you can feel the car hug the ground (far better than my old 8P SE) and gives you great positive feedback (note positive feedback and not a bumpy ride) and with drive select on dynamic gives a great driving experience and boy is this thing quick and responsive, leaves my old 1.4TFSI standing, and is so smooth and refined you have to keep checking the speedo

    I would image in gear torque will be very impressive and hypothetically could outstrip a Range Rover Sport from 60 - 85 ish:yes:

    Think I might leave for work 30 mins early tomorrow and take a detour or two
  2. SJW

    SJW Active Member

    Hello Dave,

    I knew you would like the 2TDI engine. Absolute beaut & the torque generated is pretty tasty. You will also notice how you get both performance and economy from that engine. Best of both worlds.

    Apologies for not being able to meet up near Heathrow.

    Really pleased you are loving the car. You will rack up the miles and enjoy each one.
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