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Awesome January Newsletter

Discussion in 'Awesome GTI' started by awesomeade, Jan 23, 2009.

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    KW Variant 1 Inox Coilovers
    Sporty-harmonic with KW factory pre-setup dampening

    The ideal systems for customers wishing to rely on the experience of our engineers yet determine their own degree of lowering. In extensive driving tests our engineers have set the dampers for the best balance between sporty driving yet comfort and safety.

    KW Variant 2 Inox Coilovers
    Sporty and personalized with adjustable rebound dampening

    The system intended for the experienced driver who requires to not only determine the individual lowering of their vehicle, but adjust the damper setting to fine tune the system to their needs. The adjustable rebound damper allows adjustment of the pitch and roll behavior of the vehicle, adapting it to one‘s own driving preferences.

    #Damping technology with individually adjustable rebound
    #"inox-line" stainless steel technology
    #Individually height adjustable
    #German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters
    #High-quality components for long life
    #Comprehensive documentation for ease of use
    #Infinitely adjustable rebound damping

    KW Variant 3 Inox Coilovers
    Race technology for the road with adjustable compression and rebound dampening. This patented valve technology is unique.

    The new Variant 3 is state-of-the-art technology for the skilled and experienced driver. The separate and independent compression and rebound damping options allow a truly individual driving set-up. These unique systems with the 3 individually adjustable components, allows for adjustment of the compression of the damper in the low-speed range, while the highspeed set-up, so decisive for driving comfort, has been preset by our engineers

    #Independently adjustable damping technology -rebound and compression damping
    #"inox-line" stainless steel technology
    #Individual height adjustment
    #German TUEV-tested adjustment parameters
    #High-quality components for long life
    #Comprehensive documentation for ease of use
    #Infinitely adjustable rebound damping
    #14- level adjustable compression damping
    #Unique, independently functioning damping power adjustment

    KW Anti Roll Bars
    KW Anti Roll Bars allow critical fine-tuning of your car‘s handling characteristics and reduce body roll through increased design stiffness. The result: increased handling and cornering grip in any performance-driving situation. Manufactured from cold-formed, high-strength aircraft-grade steel for precision performance, and finished with a long-lasting red powder coat finish, KW Anti Roll Bars include all mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

    #Reduction of body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction
    #Unimpaired spring comfort at bilateral spring deflection
    #Decreasing the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve
    #Impacting the under or over-steering tendency positively (auto-steering behaviour).

    KW Clubsport Coilovers
    Clubsport is getting more and more famous world-wide. Therefore, KW has decided to develop a new product line – KW Clubsport. This new product line is distinguished by motorsport applications for race track and road use with ideal performance.

    Nürburgring Nordschleife is the most popular race track for using our KW Clubsport suspension kits. High performance sports cars, modified saloons as well as classical sport compact cars are tuned in weight, engine and wheels for their use on several race tracks. These improvements are made for a better handling on track sport events, race taxi drives, visitor drives and equability tests particularly on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Due to these modifications of the car some parameters are changing. Therefore, the road setups are no longer ideal for the performance of the car. For this use we offer special clubsport kits which have been adapted to the changed requirements by changing spring and shock setup as well as the installation of racing top mounts.

    #Performance setup for the racetrack
    #Dampers in compression and rebound forces independently adjustable
    #Use of high performance linear race springs
    #Additional available with racing top mounts
    #TÜV approval possible depending on the specification.

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