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AVS Servicing - Post your quotes and dealers here.

marriedblonde Mar 22, 2006

  1. gti25

    gti25 New Member

    Called Maidstone Audi today for an idea of cost for my A3 2.0 TDI DSG S-Line (05 reg) for the 3rd Longlife service (currently at 44k miles). Quoted £331 inc.VAT for the service plus £271 inc. VAT for the 40k DSG oil change. £600 before any other bits they came up with seemed a bit steep to me (expected about £400 all in)...!
    Anyone got any comparative prices for this type of service or recommendations for other dealers in the Kent/East Sussex area, please send me a PM. May try Tonbridge and Eastbourne tomorrow for comparison.
  2. sjahS3

    sjahS3 Member

    First AVS service done a few days ago on the S3..

    Got a quote from Victoria Audi for £445 (albeit a max. price) at which I coughed, laughed and then ran for the door. Had heard good things about Hatfield Audi so rang them, car got booked in and they came in at £269 and a bit. Asked them not to wash it and they didn't!

    Had a new A4 2.0TDi for the day which looked nice but was a bit gutless.

    All in all pretty decent service tho.. :happy:

  3. Covenant

    Covenant Member

    Had my car booked in at Edinburgh Audi today and phoned them up to find out when they were going to pick up my car. Turns out they "lost" my booking after installing a new computer system.

    Alls well that ends well though - I've booked in at Witherspoon VWAudi (approved VW Audi repair centre) in Edinburgh - they quoted £238inc VAT plus £48 for the 2year Brake Fluid change.

    I'll edit with any comments ont he service next week :)
  4. MarcQuinlivan

    MarcQuinlivan Active Member

    Just had a quote from Agnews in Belfast for £230.66 all in for what they called a "full first service". Car is on longlife and just coming up on 28000km.

    Booked in for 9am on Saturday and they've said they'll arrange a taxi to drop me into town while they're doing the work.
  5. redbutcher

    redbutcher Member

    First service for mine - on long life and just approaching 19k miles.

    Northampton Audi - £255.69 inc VAT
    Huntingdon - £234.54 inc VAT

    So is booked in with Huntingdon on Fri 19th with a courtesy car - looking forward to trying them out as have seen lots of positive feedback about them on here.

    Update - well, car dropped off around 09:30 on the Friday. Nice new A4 SE 1.8T waiting for me to take away (nice car to drive, engine very quiet, but yet very capable. Kids loved it as air con in the back for them).

    Had a call around 14:00 to say the car was fine, but my tyres were down to the legal limit and would I like 2 new conti's put on. Checked the prices on line and the price I was quoted was pretty competitive. So as the car was there, asked them to do the tyres as well.

    16:00 had a call to say the car was ready for collection.

    All in all a positive experience and a dealer I'll be using again - recommended.
  6. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    First AVS Service = £199 inc pollen filter
    Brake Fluid Change = £71

    Second AVS Service = £194

    All inc VAT

    Both services carried out by Worthing Audi, I'd recommend them.
  7. kitsang

    kitsang New Member

    Had a few quotes for my A3 2.0 tdi first AVS.

    Worcester Audi - £262.50
    Beechwood - £280.87
    Birmingham Audi - £290.00
    Stratford Audi - £323.50
    Hereford Audi - £266.27

    all includes oil change, pollen filter, and brake fluid.

    These prices seem pretty high compare to some people quotes on here.
    Do anyone think i can get cheaper quotes around the midlands or do these quote seem about right?
  8. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    If you can get 1st AVS service, pollen filter and brake fluid inc VAT for £260 then relative to all the other quotes on here, that is a good price and I personally would go for it.

    Brake fluid change is typically £70 to £90 at an Audi dealer so your service is coming out under £200 which is very good compared to the majority of quotes on here.

    One way to reduce the total is to say the screen wash will be full when it goes in and you won't therefore need it, typically cut £2.60 off!

    Some dealers will price match on servicing too, so if your favoured dealer is not the cheapest ask them to price match. They all need your business.
  9. Wai-Fan

    Wai-Fan Member

    Just got my car serviced today at Leeds Audi.

    Major service at 56k miles including pollen, fuel and air filters.

    Total was £353.38 including VAT.

    Price of the basic service was somewhere around £225 I think.
  10. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    This Saturday will see my second service with Audi Huntingdon. As before, I used the Audi website to locate the top eight dealers nearest to me before calling Huntingdon up.

    I've lost the quotes I wrote down for the others - Audi Stansted and Audi Chingford never called back - but the service, including the pollen filter and brake fluid change, will be £262. Next cheapest was £300 at Whetstone, and then an ascending scale until £358 at Brentford and Hatfield (my local, incidentally).

    I don't know how the servicing prices are calculated and vary so much between dealerships, but even with the £15 in diesel it will cost me to drive up from Herts, a trip to Huntingdon still represents an excellent saving.
  11. Covenant

    Covenant Member

    Witherspoon VWAudi - Edinburgh.

    2nd year service including brake fluid/pollen filter £293.77

    (Edinburgh Audi had quoted £360 plus extra for the brake fluid change)

    Obviously it's not as swanky as the main dealer, being a service centre only, but I don't need designer furniture in my service garage!

    There was some dirt in the passenger footwell which wasn't vacuumed up, but to be fair I had asked them not to wash the car as I'd been to Polished Bliss 2 weeks before and didn't want them to ruin the paintwork. Apart from that, there was a dirty handprint on the steering wheel, which they apologised for when I pointed it out.

    Overall would recommend, but be specific about valet requirements.
  12. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Visited Huntingdon as planned on Saturday, and came away £372 lighter in the end - £262 for the service, but our Sportback needed new rear brake pads which added £110 to the bill. Not sure why the rears would give up after 35k while the fronts look fine, but I didn't want to take any risks.

    Huntingdon now have an all-new service centre next door to the showroom, which has also been revamped in a big way, so while waiting with the car I had the chance to check out some new metal in the showroom. They had a metallic green 8P S3 on display which looked stunning, and an orange TT-S. The new TT is very special indeed; loved the interior. Also liked the A5 - they had a display model with £5k-worth of bodykit and 19" wheels which looked fab.

    Dispite the female service advisor being a touch too curt for my liking - she wouldn't readily look into two items on the car that I wanted checking on the day - it was another decent experience, and our Sportback is back to its old self since the service. Thanks to DaveR on this forum who first recommended Huntingdon - they are still the pick for me.
  13. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    Glad to hear Huntingdon Audi are still providing good servive.
    The female service advisor was almost certainly Tracey Leeson, who is now the Assistant Service Manager. She has been with Vindis for quite a number of years. I can remember her as a young lady straight from school do the general running around, photcopying etc. and I agree she can be a little curt at times.
  14. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Yes, that was Tracey - I recall one of her colleagues mentioning her name and job title while I was there. Curt was perhaps a little too strong to describe it; she was just quite defensive when I asked if two items could be looked at when booking the car in, whereas I'm certain last time I was there, I experienced the opposite - I was enthusiastically asked if there was anything about my car I would like to be looked at. It's a sales opportunity for them after all, but nevertheless, they'll still be getting my business in the future.
  15. Detector

    Detector Just waiting for the green light

    I would have expected & indeed get 50+K out of rear pads, Either:

    1. You have something binding somewhere
    2. They stitched you up
    or 3. You're into handbrake turns on a very regular basis :detective2:

    I've just had 2nd longlife service at 37k , it was £265, Listers B'ham, I asked them not to do the brake fluid for £76 extra as I'm damn sure 15 minutes and £20 will allow me to do it (with help from a pedal operator that is).
  16. JimmyJames

    JimmyJames Jas.

    Ok not a total bank robbery but I question my stealership on Price and Quantity of supplied oil.

    S3 1st oil service change £165.

    Handbook says oil capacity 4.5litres including oil filter. Yet they poured in 6 litres? and that was 12 x 0.5litres (from a big drum??).
    So 12 x 0.5 l = £ 95.08 inc tax.

    My guess would be that even if i needed 6litres that the same 6 litres would be cheaper than 12 x 0.5l over the counter.

    Anyone confirm capacity (handbook says 4.5l inc oil filter) and price of this special oil by the litre inc vat?

  17. Sohrob

    Sohrob Member

    £250 from Bradford Audi, second service @20k on my s3 inc pollen filter.

    Is this a fair price?
  18. ianspibs

    ianspibs Member

    Preston Audi again.....
    3rd AVS at 52k for £199 as they had some sort of offer on ("Choices" - I think it may be for cars over 3 yrs old). It would have been less but decided to include the air and fuel filters that are due at 60k rather than make another trip in a few months. Also get MOT included, or in my case a voucher for when its due.

    Decided to stay at the dealership and wait this time. Took the laptop to get some work done, they have (like most I expect) wireless internet for customers so I could use my email. Found them a very welcoming, helpful and friendly dealership so far.
    Prices ranged with Warrington being the most at £305.
    I think, from memory the others were Macclesfield around £250 ish, Bolton about £220, Blackburn was the same with an offer on at £199 but didn't double check any of these for the extra filters due at 60k.
  19. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Second variable service on an S3...

    York - £182.43
    Sheffield - £191.96
    Doncaster - £200.61
    Bradford - £225.83
    Huddersfield - £239.16
    Wakefield - £246.28
    Leeds - £247.50
    Harrogate - £273.19

    Some big differences there, so it pays to shop around.
  20. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Just had a quote today for my cars 1st service at 18,600 miles. £189.06 for Inspection, oil change and pollen filter.

    At Lake District Audi.
  21. vinceemmery

    vinceemmery Member

    im in dagenham and harold wood audi (essex) quotted £401.01 for 78,000 variable service (includes brake fluid ,pollen filter etc ) is this good? by the way no dsg oil change or cam belt as this was done 7000 miles ago
  22. N8

    N8 Kowalski Details VCDS Map User

    After alot of ringing round the Audi's in the Northwest I choose to go to Audi Maccelsfield, it was my first full service at 16k £197 including oil change, filter, pollen etc, well happy with service. Manchester Audi was £240 and they are only 1mile from my house, there loss!
  23. Batt284

    Batt284 Member

    Stafford Audi prices look pretty good (never used them though so would be interested in hearing from anyone that has):

    Variable 1 - £175
    Variable 2 - £275

    Bronze Service - £79
    Gold Service - £189
  24. cjp2k

    cjp2k Active Member Team Tango Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group

    Just had a quote from Teesside Audi works out about £230 inc vat (A3 2.0 TDI 140)

    This is for first Variable service inc pollen filter and Brake fluid change

    Was £280 but had a £50 voucher. Lets see what they try to add behind my back, but got the quote via email
  25. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    MOT - free, see voucher on Audi.co.uk, dealer will also register you for free Audi insurance for your next MOT worth up to £750.

    Brake Fluid Change - £49, new price every where now for vehicles over 3 yrs old.

    Excellent service from Worthing Audi, recommended dealer.
  26. ollyhawkeye

    ollyhawkeye Member

    Hello I am pretty new to this so bear with me. I bought my S3 from Slough Audi (Aston Green) and now its due its second service at circa 37k miles.

    I have been quoted around £400 plus £102 to change the brake fluid which I think is on the high side.

    Can anyone recommend somewhere local to Ascot who I can use? even if its to shave a few quid off their price. Also if anyone has any experiences of them too, good or bad that would be great!!

    Thanks in advance

  27. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    How on earth did you manage to get to 37K for a second service? Most folks I know only get up to 12K max between variable services.
  28. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    Mine is on variable too and I've just had a second service with 21K on the clock.
  29. ollyhawkeye

    ollyhawkeye Member

    I've got to the bottom of it, phoned the stealer and they neglected to fill the service manual in when I bought the car. So its actually the third service which fits with what you guys have been saying.

    Thanks, otherwise I would have been none the wiser, not impressed that I have not got the correct service record, its hardly the best start to a relationship...will be taking that up with them when the car goes in.

  30. pdv40

    pdv40 Member

    3rd AVS at 48000 miles w. brake fluid change, (pollen?) filter, rear pads & rear wheels balanced £590 @ Tonbridge Audi
  31. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    Oil and filter Kwik Fit. £47.50
  32. banburyitwizard

    banburyitwizard New Member

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm new to forums so please bear with me. I have a 2004 (54) Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sport DSG. Its has got about 75k on the clock now and I called Oxford audi for a service quote to get a major service, Timing belt and DSG oil change.

    Quote: £1500


  33. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

  34. VWAddict

    VWAddict Member VCDS Map User

    When I bought the car last year (Reeves Audi of Tampa, Florida), they asked me if I'd be interested in "pre-purchasing" the service for everything up to 50,000 miles. -They referred to it as the "Audi Care Plan", and apparently the car can be taken to ANY Audi dealership in the USA for service.

    If the option is selected at time of car purchase, it can also be rolled into the vehicle financing, but that's not what attracted me... -Including tax, it was $560 (at the time, the $:£ exchange rate was almost precisely 2:1) so that's about £280.

    The 5,000 mile service was free for all owners, but I elected to buy the service plan after a few weeks thinking it over. -I wasn't financing any portion of the car purchase (cash buy) so there was no need to make the decision right there and then "on the spot", so I bought the plan a few weeks later at Audi/Porsche/Mercedes of Melbourne, while getting my wife's Mercedes serviced.

    Sure enough, for $560 (tax incl.) I enrolled in the service, and two weeks ago they carried out the 15,000 mile service completely free of charge at Classic Audi of Orlando.

    My only slight gripe was that -after telling me that they'd removed the wheels to check remaining brake pad thickness etc, I was informed that the only thing NOT covered under the prepaid plan was 'tire rotation' (swapping front wheels to the rear and vice-versa)... and that if I would like them to do it while they had it up on the car lift, they'd be happy to take care of that for a modest charge of $22.50...

    I asked if they still had the wheels off, and was told that the wheels were indeed still off the vehicle... -Would I like to pay to have them replaced in different positions to how they came off..?

    Since I thought that it was a little cheesy to try and charge (even if it's only about £15 at today's exchange rate), I declined. -IN fact I wanted to thoroughly clean the INSIDE of the wheels anyway, which all had some brake dust accumulation, so I simply rotated the tyres myself that weekend.

    I like the dealership on the whole, and there's no doubt that us US buyers have the opportunity to save a BUNDLE on servicing with the pre-pay "Audi-Care" plan. -The recommended retail cost of servicing for the services to 50,000 miles adds up to almost $1,600... about £1,100 at todays exchange rates, so paying $280 up front is a BARGAIN.
  35. Young un

    Young un Member

    It pays to 'shop' around for servicing costs. The S3 is due for its 1st service (oil service) and here are a few quotes:
    (without pollen filter change)
    Manchester £260
    Stockport £212.34
    Macclesfield £145
    Huddersfield £102.05

    Unbelievable - prices vary so drastically

    I know many of you may do this oil service yourself or take it to a trusted independent specialist for a fraction of the price
  36. Splathead

    Splathead Active Member Team Navarra VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    For my S3's first variable service, I was quoted:

    Ipswich Audi - £221.62 - (after a very, very long silence on the 'phone)
    Bury St Edmunds Audi - £128.00

    The guy at Bury (didn't catch his name) seemed very knowledgeable and asked if I knew if my car was on the 'New Concept' servicing schedule as it was manufactured at approximately the time that this started. I mentioned that the car counts down to both major and minor services and it turns out that this is the 'New Concept' system (thought that had been around for a while).

    Should take 1hr 15mins including a "free" car health check.
  37. dc240969

    dc240969 Member VCDS Map User

    kwik fit for £45.
  38. donewithdealers

    donewithdealers New Member

    Major Service 72k - Opted for Amersham Audi after he quoted me:
    £329 + £100 for Cambelt change and waterpump inclusive parts, labour & VAT as per current website offer
    £199 for major service on agreement they would use longlife oil
    Free MOT
    FREE courtesy car
    Total £628
    Picked them mainly so I could get the dealer stamp in my servicebook

    For reference I found I did have to keep bringing up the website offers it was not brought to my attention other quotes received:
    Reading Audi
    £329 + £138 for Cambelt change and waterpump inclusive parts, labour & VAT as per current website offer
    £199 for major service on agreement but would have to switch to annual service otherwise £242 for longlife major service (2yrs or 19k)
    Free MOT Offer
    Courtesy car
    Total £709

    Interestingly labour charged at £84 per hour
    Longlife Oil charged at £18.58/unit
    Reading also offered price match

    Slough Audi
    £329 for Cambelt change inclusive parts, labour & VAT as per current website offer
    £199 for long life major service on agreement but would have to switch to annual service otherwise £284 for longlife major service (2yrs or 19k)
    Free MOT Offer
    Courtesy car
    Total £613 not including waterpump

    Some dealers also mentioned Audi Advantage which gives 10% off parts and 20% off labour on all Audi´s over 3 years old.

    Independent Quotes Genuine Audi Parts
    Mobile Mechanic
    £415 for Cambelt+waterpump change inclusive parts, labour & VAT
    £120 for long life major service
    Total £535

    £517 for Cambelt+waterpump change inclusive parts, labour & VAT
    £155.25 for long life major service
    £54 for MOT
    Total £611.25
    willing to match audi offer 329+100 cambelt+waterpump deal

    - would have opted for these guys if they had been a tad cheaper on service as they are local - would much rather give my business to locals!
    £560 for Cambelt+waterpump change inclusive parts, labour & VAT
    £235 for long life major service
    £48 for MOT
    Total £843
    willing to match audi offer 329+100 cambelt+waterpump deal

    Dropped the car in for 9am
    Was informed that the courtesy car was infact not free but courtesy subject to a £15 insurance charge. Not happy don´t tell me its free specifically after I asked on the phone is it free and then inform me when I get there!

    Was told I could pick the car up at 5pm. Called 3pmish and informed that my camshaft positioning sensor was faulty repair cost £249 incl p,l & vat
    brake fluid needed changing fair enough website offer £49

    called back after ringing around a few garages and told them not to go ahead with camshaft sensor told didn't have the part in anyway and would have to bring it back Monday and they would need to remove the newly fitted cambelt to replace it

    I get to the Amersham Audi at 5pm only to be told my car has failed its MOT - front offside gator - cost to repair £349 incl, p,l & vat
    He offered that I could leave it over the weekend and keep the courtesy car

    At this point I kicked off since its friday and I wasn´t informed by telephone in advance so I could at least make other arrangements if necessary

    He was not willing budge on £15 extra insurance and only after asking to speak to the servicing manager I got the £15 refunded and the price for gator dropped to £190.

    I was told that if I took the car and got stopped it would be deemed as illegal to drive. If I got the work done with Audi there would be no charge for a retest otherwise unless I got the work done in 24hours on Monday there would a retest fee applicable !

    I took my chance and today I am getting the gator done at VW Marlow for £90 inc p,l, vat

    What a rip of Amersham Audi are coupled with poor customer service - never again!

    All that hassle for a official audi stamp in my service book- pah!

    Took it directly back to the external MOT garage used for the test and no retest fee was charged !
  39. Wai-Fan

    Wai-Fan Member

    York Audi

    Went in for a service and cambelt change.

    Work was for an 2004 2.0 TDi Sport

    Mileage: 73852

    Service was faultless, had no problems and staff were friendly and polite.

    Went for York Audi as Leeds Audi was going to charge me almost £300 more!

    Called me to say waterpump was fine and didn't need replacing but I had it replaced anyway.

    Car was not washed as requested but forgot to mention that I didn't mind it being vacuumed, so my carpets are still dirty :(. But that's my fault.

    Could've have went to IVC in Leeds or AwesomeGTi, but decided on York as it was closer to home and for the dealer stamp.

    Work Completed:

    Replaced cambelt, tensioner & water pump as required.

    £375 inc VAT

    Carried out 80k AVS Service as required and reset service light.

    £215 with long life oil.

    Total came up to £589.29 inc VAT.
  40. MacrosTheBlack

    MacrosTheBlack Member

    Just had a quote from Maidstone Audi

    S3 - 2nd AVS service at 19k - £380!
    They are also recommending I change the Haldex oil for the Quattro system, a further £200

    Will phone around for some other quotes I think. I told the service booking girl that's quite expensive and she said they might price match another Audi dealer. So who's the cheapest in the land?? :think:

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