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AVS Problem?

cruiser Feb 13, 2007

  1. cruiser

    cruiser New Member

    I have an 8 month old A4 cabrio 2.0TDi which has come up with its first variable service due in less than 9k miles. A lot of the mileage has been long distance and I can't believe it needs a service so soon. My previous 2.4 petrol version went over 18k / 36k on similar types of journey.

    I queried this with both my local dealer and Audi UK.

    Audi UK thought there was a problem with the car as it shouldn't come up for service so quickly. When I showed the reply to my local dealer they said that Audi UK didn't know what they were talking about as they have had quite a few 2.0TDi's coming in much earlier than owners expected (10-12k miles) and put it down to the diesel particulate filter that is now being fitted. Strangely enough, they were all cabrios!!

    Has anyone heard of the DPF resulting in variable service distances being adversely affected (or any other problems for that matter). I switched to diesel because of the long distances I was travelling but the cost of twice as many services than before is a major cost I hadn't banked on.

    This makes the claim in their brochure of diesels going up to 20k between services a bit weak.

    (Please note that I had previously posted this enquiry in the Ownership and Aftercare thread but was advised to repost here for better coverage. Apologies for any possible confusion)

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