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Avant High level bulb change? Help!

18 stoner Jul 8, 2012

  1. 18 stoner

    18 stoner New Member

    This may sound like a simpleton question if you know the answer, but....

    How on earth do you get to change the high level brake lamp bulb on a 2006 A6 avant?

    Been trying to suss out how to get in there, and just cant seem to find out even how to get the inner panel off the hatch:crying:
  2. b719

    b719 New Member

    they are not nice to replace, u have to remove the interior trim and there are four lugs that secure the light unit, they normal break as u remove them as u have to be quite forcefull then un plug it and push the new one in.
  3. 18 stoner

    18 stoner New Member

    So, is this sounding like it amybe worth getting the garage to change it?

    Its due to go in to get new discs in next few weeks so maybe worth leaving till then?
  4. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    no no no. you dont NEED to remove the whole tailgate trim or even the top bit behind the light itself. pop the top bit out of the clips in the middle (4 poppers i think) wedge it down a touch (a few inches). get a mirror..... pinch your wives/girlfriends make up mirror..... and have a look at it.
    no need to break anything either!!
    on the back side of the light youll see that theres a black slidey section (contrasting with the light cream colour of the rest of the back of the lamp) as long as the light itself. this slidey section pushes to the left or right (i cant remember which) this pulls in the clips holding it in and it comes out easily.

    btw the bulbs are leds, if the whole light isnt working then water has got into it and its fubar. you'll need a new one. ive changed about 4 of these over the last couple of years.

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