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Avant boot leak

Silverfoxxxx Aug 26, 2012

  1. Silverfoxxxx

    Silverfoxxxx New Member


    I have had a leak into the boot of my avant for the past couple of months, the water sems to run down the rear sides of the boot and then tracks across and runs down dead centre on the rear of the car under a black stuck on rubber protector.

    Any ideas of common issues other than lights, and rear washer as i've checked and these are fine, the water runs in at quite a rate when i run the hose over the rear of the car. Are the boot seals prone to getting water under them as it was damp in amongst the grey gunk when pulled it off.

  2. bit of a bump to see if you resolved this?
    my a6 avant is leaking onto the cd player in boot cubby hole

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