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Auxiliary Coolant Pump

jimbobery Nov 18, 2009

  1. Does anyone know if the aux coolant pump should run after the car (S3) is switched off after every journey, or is there some criteria that the ecu uses to decide if it should activate or not?

    Mine only comes on sometimes and I can't find any pattern for when it starts or not.

    I've used a multimeter when the pump doesn't start and there is no current going to the pump so it's not a broken pump.

    Anyone got any experiance of the same problem?
  2. Kunit

    Kunit Member

    It runs when the ecu tells it to, not sure when unless i look it up but it will throw a fault when defective.
  3. It'd be great if you could look it up, I'm keen to know the criteria that the ecu uses to start the pump after the engine is switched off as I find that it doesn't start after a journey that's had some spirited driving in it, but sometimes it does when I've driven gently?
    I'm going to scan the fault codes tonight, should've done that already really.

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