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A3 Sport Oct 24, 2010

  1. A3 Sport

    A3 Sport Member

    Well, Im thinking of trying to sell my car privately in around Jan / Feb 2011. I was wondering what you guys thought of Autotrader, have you used it before? Did the car sell?

    Im just thinking thats it's worth selling it privately instead of trading it in for a rockbottom figure. I do want fair price for it though, or I wont sell it! It really is immaculate - if a dealer put it on their forecourt, it would sell in no time!

    Just wanted your opinions! :icon_thumright:
  2. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    If you have the time and can afford to sell it privately, then that's the way to do it! Sell it on PistonHeads Classifieds

    Edit: Just looked at your sig, I presume that's your car model, 1.6 maybe a problem for a quick sale private.
  3. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I used AutoTrader to try and sell my Prius last year but had no luck. To be honest, I did put it on at a relatively high price but I think it generated just one email. Ditto pistonheads, GumTree, and various others.

    I'm a firm believer that eBay is the best way to sell a car. I'm sure others will post here their tales of timewasters and fraudsters, but the bottom line is you can cram a heck of a lot of information - I mean pictures and text - into a listing which you cannot on other sites. Do it well and your buyer could purchase the car without even seeing it - as mine did.

    I've helped friends and colleagues sell their cars by putting together extremely detailed listings and all were successful. With my Prius, I had well over 20 images on the page and more than 800 words to describe it. Chapter and verse basically. I was hoping for around £9,250-£9,500 and the auction ended at £10,050. My buyer had been looking at Prius models over the weekend and tried eBay, finding my car with 30 minutes to go. I dropped off the car to him the next day too!

    Tip: Be sure to start a 10-day auction from a Wednesday - this finishes on a Sunday (with two viewing weekends inbetween) which is usually one of the best days to end an auction, since most people are at home online.

    Again, not everyone will have a smooth transaction, but manage it carefully and you'll be fine. Just go to town on the listing!
  4. way318

    way318 Active Member

    I agree with benw123, I tried to sell my BMW 3 Series via Autotrader and got no joy. Put in on ebay and sold it within 5 days and also got what I wanted. Then went and bought my A4, also through ebay.

    What car you selling, as my wife will be looking for Audi A3 or A4 around that time.
  5. yendall24

    yendall24 Member

    hi all . i have sold my last 5 cars on ebay with no problems whatsoever you need to go to town with info about the car every fine detail loads of quality pictures i take my car to the local park to get a nice back drop for the photographs . if you have got loads of receipt and mot,s take a picture of them also remember to answer every question . the best sale was my last car i paid £2800 for it and 11 months later sold it on ebay for £3495 the buyer never asked me one question never viewed the car before sale and came from glasgow to salford by train to pick it up . he said there was enough info in the advert to answer any questions he had .after the test drive he paid in cash and drove it back to glasgow with a smile on his face but it was a 2.8 a6 quattro avant with lpg conversion (still sorry i sold it even now )
  6. owenjt

    owenjt Member

    I personally think autotrader is the way to go, i've had too many issues with ebay in the past. If you set it at the right price and if you word the advert properly you should generate some interest. I advertised my last car on autotrader and sold it within 24 hours.
  7. Dane

    Dane Had an 8L S3, a B5 RS4 now I have a B8 S4

    I had interest from Autotrader when trying to sell my old a3 and I brought my car after seeing an advert on Autotrader.

    I put the a3 on Autotrader's website and magazine and Pistonheads to begin with, keeping eBay up my sleeve should nothing come of these ads. And man do you get bogus emails, absolutely loads of the buggers all in dodgy English and saying they'd send a courier to pick it up etc. etc. I told each one of them to f@"$ off in incredibly rude and nasty emails and some of them even responded with a 'thanks for getting back to me email' dodgy Barstands.

    I sold the car on eBay to a guy who contacted me through Pistonheads, so it's worth putting the car out there and getting it seen, if you're in no rush hopefully you'll get the right price eventually.
  8. A3 Sport

    A3 Sport Member

    Ohh right, thanks for the replies guys. I havent really given Ebay a thought, I presumed that most cars that actually sell on there are old 106's or Micras etc!

    Yeah planning on selling it privately, no point on giving it away to a dealer! Ohh, I dont see why, thought it would be one of the easiest to sell?

    It will be the A3 in my sig for sale mate. Its like new, so just seeing what people think, its not worth giving it away as a P/X!

    Yer, think I will try Autotrader first then maybe give Ebay a go. Im just thinking that If I get a good set of pictures, when the cars clean and polished up, it should sell rather quickly. Im also thinking that with it being white with privacy glass, and given the shortage of new A3's available at the moment - it should attract a fair bit of attention... Thats what im thinking anyway!

    Thanks for the replies.. keep them coming! :)

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