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Autotechnica Hull..... Review

Discussion in 'A3/S3/Sportback (8P Chassis)' started by Walts2782, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Walts2782

    Walts2782 Active Member

    Nov 8, 2012
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    Now I've been on the forum for a couple of years and due to the fault of many of you I've ended upgrading a number of bits.

    My cars my pride and joy, as such I would only ever let people work on it that I trust. Don't get me wrong I know there's more expensive cars out there but this is mine and just wanna keep it right.

    This is where Autotechnica come into play. These guys are based in Hull and have won a number of Audi driver magazine awards. The last of these was the gold award for independent service provider in 2013. Given this I knew I was onto a winner when looking for a company to do some work on my car.

    A little more looking into the company and you'll find the owner Andy was with Audi for 13 years, finishing as a master tech and the guy who worked on mine, Ben was also with Audi for over 12 years.

    My A3 went in for the following initially;
    Cambelt and water pump
    Interior ambient light fitted
    S3 Pedals fitted
    And Door closure issue diagnosed

    I then decided I wanted to upgrade the awful large parking sensors that were fitted to my car (prior to my ownership) for the flush OEM ones. The guys booked all this in with no issues at all, ordered what ever bits I needed to finish my install and took the car in last week as agreed

    I was kept updated throughout the process and picked up the car at the agreed time and date.

    I must stress I'm in no way connected to the company but feel that they deserve the following praise......

    The level of service that I and the car received is second to none. The price I've been charged for the work done was so below Audi's quoted price it was amazing. (I'm not knocking the main dealers as I've also had a some really good experiences at the hull branch and understand there overheads and pricing)
    Not only was the price fantastic but the cars had everything done without a single complaint. Everything sits flush and perfect, I have no new rattles or shakes, the cambelt and water pump offers a little reassurance on the cars engine life and the parking sensors look amazing.

    further more with the parking sensors they had to be wired and coded, again this was all done as though factory fit. There is no signs of any damage to the paint and all the panel gaps are factory perfect (or better)

    I know its a long winded update but really feel these guys deserve the praise. If your local to Hull then these guys for fitting, coding, upgrading or servicing are by far the best independent garage I've used.

    Below is there website and Facebook page if anyone's interested.


    Hull Audi | Hull Audi Garage

    ps a few pics of the sensor upgrade

    View attachment 28279 View attachment 28280 View attachment 28281 View attachment 28282 View attachment 28283

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  3. tom1987

    tom1987 Member

    Jan 25, 2013
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    yeah never had any problems with them - had my s3 engine rebuilt by them after it sent pop no problems
  4. Walts2782

    Walts2782 Active Member

    Nov 8, 2012
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    Quick update........

    Had a couple of little bits sorted today, have to say the knowledge, service and price combined make this an awesome little independant specialisit.

    Top marks again form me guys, keep up the good work

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