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Automatic Window Regulator Audi 5000 S

Discussion in 'Classic Audi Forum' started by imported_jaw174, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. imported_jaw174

    imported_jaw174 Guest

    [Aug 10, 2004]
    Hey there!
    i am the new owner of an audo 5000S. Woot!
    there are a few problems, and one of which is the broken automatic window in the back seat, drivers side.
    i took off the door moulding and suck to acces the innards, and looked at the regulator. from what i can see i understand that a steel wire connected to the motor loops either up or down, and has a small metal brick thingy in the middle to bring the window up or pull it down.

    My question is...

    are there 1 or 2 stoppers on the inside.... i can see on on the top side of the window thingy, but on the bottom side there is none. i can make the window go down, but then i must press the button until it stops spinning (up) and then i can pull the window up and push it from both sides up intill it is closed.

    there are 2 options that i see

    | wire
    * Stopper
    [|] Window thingy
    * Stopper
    | wire


    | wire
    [|] Window thingy
    * Stopper
    [|] Window thingy
    | wire

    this is where the wire is pulled up or down moving the window, which is attached to the window thingy... see what im getting at?

    if there is only one stopper thingy, then that mean it has just slipped, and i can probably figure out how to pop it back in...

    on the otherhand, if it has 2 stoppers... im not sure how to put a new stopper on it...

    Anny ideas?
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