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Autoboss V3.0 Help

COLDSTEEL Sep 21, 2011


    COLDSTEEL Member

    Hi All,

    The emissions light has come on my car. I have searched this forum and seen that my symptoms are a blown fuse which is shared with the aircon fans. I replace the fuse, the light goes out. I took it to my local garage and they placed it on Autoboss. I explained what I had read on the internet (They have probably heard this a million times) anyhow they did not believe the fault is not the valve that recycles exhaust gas into the engine.

    This was based on the output from the ECU. There were no error codes to support my theory. The error codes provided by the Autoboss software have the helpful description of "Unknown Code". The mechanics were very helpful but unfortunately could not get a clear explanation of the faults. They are:

    C02h3 or C02b3

    Any help would be gratefully received.

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