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Auto windows

jon1982 Mar 3, 2010

  1. jon1982

    jon1982 diesel dodger

    hi guys,

    me and my brother both have the same car, 2006 2.0 tdi A4 s line.
    if my brother accidently leaves his window(s) open he can press and hold the lock button on his key fob and they will all close, but this does,nt seem to work on mine!
    surely this cant be a factory option, can it?
    or is there something i need to do to make mine work??

    thanks in advance.

  2. It's full closure - I have it on mine also.

    On my old Golf, i could press the button once and it'd do the windows/sunroof up without having to hold down the button.

    Think you can have programed at the dealer?
  3. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    can be activated with vagcom
  4. markyzs180

    markyzs180 Member

    it just needs enabling in the central convenience module with vag-com....have you tried opening/closing them using the key in the lock? hiold the key in the open position to open and hold in the lock position to close :)

    you can also enable/disable a host of other things like speed locking (locks once the car is at 10mph) 1-2 unlock (press once to just unlock the drivers door, press again to unlock the rest)

    if you have a look in the vcds section there is a list of members who have it who are willing to help out with any coding etc for a few beer tokens, have a look to see if anyone is local to you and drop them a pm
  5. jon1982

    jon1982 diesel dodger

    thanks guys, i will try what you all said just need to find someone in leeds with vagcom.

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