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Auto lights sensitivity - 8P3

BenC00 Jan 25, 2013

  1. BenC00

    BenC00 Member

    I've searched hi & low and can't find the definitive answer for this - my auto lights are too sensitive / coming on when its still daylight.

    I've also had a good look around VCDS and have found the following settings (8P3/2009 A3 with Bi Xenons & Auto Wipers / Lights):

    09 Central Elect. > Long Coding > Component: Component: REGENLICHTSENSORH04 0003 > Coding:
    Byte 0, Bit 3-4:
    00 Light Activation Threshold normal
    08 Light Activation Threshold earlier (+20%)
    10 Light Activation Threshold earlier (+40%)
    18 Light Activation Threshold earlier (+60%)

    Am i correct in thinking that this will make the light sensor more sensitive? (the opposite of what i'm trying to achieve)

    Byte 02, Bit 0-7:

    Here are various options relating to glass and vehicle type - does the higer % make the sensor more sensitive or less sensitive?

    I also read somewhere that adjusting the Intermittent wiper setting on the wiper stalk increases / decreases both rain senor and light sensor sensitivity - would this be true on my 2009 A3?

    VCDS extract:
    Subsystem 2 - Part No: 8K0 910 557 Labels: 8K0-955-559.CLB
    Component: REGENLICHTSENSORH04 0003
    Coding: 00150573
    Shop #: WSC 12345
  2. BenC00

    BenC00 Member

    Corrected image*

  3. monopole

    monopole Well-Known Member

    I set mine to the lowest setting a few weeks back, I think it was 32%

    Coming out of a multistory car park into daylight, the headlights went off in a few seconds.

    On a fair warning though, when we were released from work because of the snow the other week, the lights took ages to switch on even though it was snowing, I thought about actually switching the lights on manually (god forbid) so perhaps 32 is too low, I may go up to around 40 (default was in the 60's from memory) S3 BE

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