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Auto electrician South London / Surrey: problem with indicators,speedo,trip comp,etc

Rhod_S3 Aug 6, 2013

  1. Rhod_S3

    Rhod_S3 New Member

    Firstly I just want to send my condolences to anyone who knows AndyMac. I am so saddened to hear of his recent passing away.

    He fitted one of his stealth subs for me about 18 months ago and I love his installation, it's an absolute credit to him and somewhat of a legacy. He was such a nice, decent and honest guy. I was having some trouble with the indicators which him and I were troubleshooting. He thought it could only be caused by the earthing point in the cubby hole in the boot. Following his advice I dremmelled the bolt and the area around it to give a better connection, but still no success.

    I pinged him a pm and all was quiet which from my experience with him was out of character, and then I heared the sad news.

    I noticed last week that not only my indicators are problematic but that the speedo isn't, the fuel gauge is all erratic, the oil sensor message has come up and my trip computer isn't registering any values apart from 0 for all settings. I took my motor to A & A electrical off the Purley way in Croydon and explained what Andy had told me about the earthing point.

    The basically plugged it into a computer and it said that it needed loads of bits. Having called in on friday to book the car in with "one-armed" Steve (at said garage) for monday morning and when i turned up he said that he couldn't remember me and couldn't remberber talking to me on the friday. His daughter, Laura, had also forgotten that she had spoken to me on the phone when i called to ensure it was booked in. I explained once again that the problem must lie with the earth as Andy should know considering he did the install and they listed a whole host of problems which are in Andy's opinion a result of this earthing issue. When I picked the car up I noticed damage to the auto-dim rear view mirror, where it's been damaged the gel within has moved and the mirror now works like on of those you find in a fayre ground, with the reflection being some parts fat, some parts thin. I explained that it wasn't like this before i dropped it off, he started waving his hook attachment around at me and told me to leave saying that he's heard it all before. I will be trying to pursue them for the cost of a replacement but I also wanted to bring to the attention of anyone in south london experiencing electrical issues not to use this cowboy garage.

    After that experience I would be so appreciative if anyone could recommend any auto electricians that actually know what they are doing so that I can rectify the problem and finish what Andy and I had started.


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