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August newsletter

Discussion in 'Awesome GTI' started by AwesomeSarah, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Oct 24, 2006
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    KW have lowered the prices on the most popular V1 Coilover kits for one month only
    KW variant 1 Inox coilovers with KW factory pre-set up dampening.
    The ideal systems for customers wishing to rely on the experience of our engineers yet determine their own degree of lowering. In extensive driving tests our engineers have set the dampers for the best balance between sporty driving yet comfort and safety.
    A3; (8L)
    TT; (8N)
    Ibiza; (6K)
    Ibiza; (6L)
    Leon; (1M)
    Fabia; (6Y)
    Octavia; (1U)
    Beetle; (9C,1Y)
    Bora; (1J) Corrado; (53i)
    Golf I, Jetta I; (17)
    Golf I Cabrio; (155)
    Golf II, Jetta II; (19E)
    Golf III, Vento; (1HX0, 1H, 1HXO, 1E)
    Golf IV; (1J)
    Lupo; (6X,6ES)


    Designed to thrive on the high pressures and extreme temperatures found in the high performance engine, Awesome hoses won’t deteriorate, no matter how much you put them through.
    Available for most vehicles and engines starting at £59.95!
    Over the next few weeks we will be building up our stock on ABD Racing parts (www.abdracing.com) and adding them to our website.
    ABD offer a fantastic intake manifold for the 1.8T which gives gains of 12-20-hp! and of course their famous LAN pipes and much more!!
    Many parts are on our website now to pre-order
    Liquid Gauge & Diag. Tool-NOW FOR DIESEL TOO
    The liquid is a multifunction gauge & diagnostics tool which can display many types of information related to your car's performance. Displaying data in either a traditional gauge format as well as a scrolling graph allowing data history to be seen visually.
    The following are all data sources that can be shown on the gauge simply by flipping through the gauge menu:
    Engine power / Torque / Boost pressure / Cmd pressure / Mass Air Flow / Air Fuel Ratio / Air intake temp / Exhaust temp / Coolant temp / N75 position / Dyno plot / Timing Correction plot / G-Force Display / 0-60mph acceleration timing / 0-100mph acceleration timing / Display and Erase Fault Codes
    The gauge is available in kit form to mount anywhere (good for driverside air vent) or as an enclosed insert which again can be fitted in the vent or elsewhere.
    Works on 1.8T and 1.9TDI Cars
    NEW PRODUCT: K&N Typhoon CAI Kit VAG 2.0TDI
    Built for performance and show, the Typhoon™ Air Intake System is a free-flowing mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed to fit many sport compact performance vehicles. Typhoon intakes come in one of three designs; cold air intakes (CA), short ram intakes (SR), or complete cold air (CCA) intakes which can be configured as either a cold air intake or a short ram intake. Some Typhoon's have high quality finish options including polished aluminum (part ends with TP), powder coated blue (part ends in TB), powder coated red (part ends in TR), and powder coated silver (ends in TS) among others. K&N intake systems replace your vehicle's restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing. K&N intakes are designed to dramatically reduce intake restriction allowing more air flow to your engine. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine's RPM range

    As part of our on going celebration of our 20th Anniversary year, we are holding an Open day on Sunday 23rd August at the Awesome GTI Store in Irlam, Manchester. Click here for a map
    Specifics are constantly being updated, below details some of the highlights confirmed so far:
    note: This list is subject to change.
    What to expect:
    # On-Site catering
    # Special Discounts on Selected products;
    # Free Raffle with top Prizes
    # Pipewerx Dyno destruction: Watch the Twin Engine'd Caddy Van try to Destroy the Most Powerful Car record on Awesome's Rolling road
    # Show and Shine with Trophies for all VAG classes.
    # £1000 worth of vouchers give away
    # Forum/club stands
    # BIG DUB will be on site (Twin VR6 Turbo Mk3.5)
    # Gumpert Apollo on Site
    # Milltek R8 on site
    # KW Porsche on Site
    # Auto Jumble
    # Rolling road Demonstrations every hour (Dodge Viper)
    Register online for free burger
    Thanks for the overwhelming response to this event, VIP passes will be sent out over the next couple of weeks!
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