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Audi's have sticky throttles?

sideshowbob123 Dec 16, 2003

  1. sideshowbob123

    sideshowbob123 New Member

    I had a bit of an incedent with my 1995 A6 sedan the other day, Im hoping somebody can tell me why...

    It was a 20 degree Maine winter morning, and I was on my 10 min daily journey to school. (the car had warmed for about one minute) I was accelerating from a stop to about 50 mph, and my throttle got stuck wide open. Without giving the car any gas, the car was accelerating as if the pedal was glued to the floor. That was my immediate assumption, and I tried to 'unstick' the pedal. Apparently that wasnt the case, so I put the car in neutral. (it should be noted I am going about 60 on an icy road at this point.) In neutral, the car ceased accelatating, but the engine continued to rev constantly, almost to the redline. The car was making an intense grinding noise, so I put it back into drive. IN order to bring my runaway car to a stop, it took just about all my strength on the brake and ebrake. I quickly put the car in park and might have caused such an incedent? 20 min later the car was fine, and I ahvent had a problem since. One of my friends told me that Audi's were notorious for having sticky throttles, has anyone else heard of such a quirk? I really need some answers, I would hate to have to go through all that again. Thanks

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