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audio system ideas>?

todamnfast07 Oct 12, 2005

  1. todamnfast07

    todamnfast07 Member

    am i crazy for wanting 2 12' JL audio W7s...i think im in the right state of mind thinking this but some people i know think im crazy now keep in mind this car is a daily driven car but i dont know if you you guys have any input you wanna give id love to hear it thanks
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  2. nigeltee

    nigeltee Member

    Bass is an individual thing.

    Personally, for daily drivers, one 12 in the correct size box and driven by the right amp will still give a lot of bass. I used to run a single 10 in a e36 saloon and for everyday use it was just enough to fill in the bottom end. It didnt drop like a 12 but it was good enough for me. With the right track it could vibrate the bootlid skin. Most of the passengers were impressed too, especially when they looked in the boot and had to have the stealth box pointed out to them.

    I think 2 12's would be overkill, but of course there is the bass control on the headunit. Have it low for the morning commute, then whack it up in the evening on the way home.

    Just my thoughts.

    I havent put anything in my A4, it has the concert head unit / changer and bose speaker upgrade. Sounds good enough to me. Changing priorities and all that........


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