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Audio Options on early 3.2 A3's

ukhmartin Jul 16, 2007

  1. ukhmartin

    ukhmartin New Member


    Am i likely to find an '03 or '04 3.2 A3 without the cassette deck in?

    I'm not keen on how the dash looks with it but have yet to find a 3.2 for sale (pre '05) that does not have it.

  2. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    According to the copy of the August 2003 price list for the A3 range, the standard at that time for a Sport model (the 3.2 was only available then as a Sport Quattro) was the single DIN size Concert II, with radio and a single front loading CD player (in lieu of cassette)

    An option was to have the double DIN size Symphony II with radio, cassette and front loading 6-CD autochanger.

    As far as I can see from later price lists this was the situation up until November 2006 when the double DIN size Concert II+ and Symphony II+ were introduced. Neither of these have a cassette slot.

    So if you can a find a car with the standard fit Concert II unit, it should not have a cassette slot.
  3. d3fy

    d3fy Active Member

    Would make it a lot easier for you to upgrade to the Satnav, buy one complete of ebay for £500 and it would be a near direct replacement on the double din stereo?
  4. ukhmartin

    ukhmartin New Member

    Thanks for the info - much appreciated - there may be hope afterall. Otherwise might just look at ones with the fitted sat-nav system.

  5. RobB

    RobB Member

    You shouldn't find any single DIN ones with a cassette deck on a 3.2. All Sport models had the Concert II single CD as standard. Only the base model cars had the Chorus cassette deck from memory. However, the double DIN Symphony had both cassette and 6xCD - the only choice with the double DIN unit. You ideally need the double DIN to fit a sat nav system, otherwise you would need to replace the aircon section and possibly the ESP, hazard light button section as they are in different positions and different sizes.

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