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Audio issues

S3 AD Nov 13, 2006

  1. S3 AD

    S3 AD Active Member

    I need some advice please guys, I had a strange experience with the Audio in my S3 this week end, I did a long motorway jouney Friday evening with no problems at all - music blasting out all the way :),
    on Saturday morning I got in the car turned the engine on & the stereo display said err for each CD it tried to read, I did not have time to worry about it as I had to be somewere, the car was then parked all day & when I went to come home Saturday night the same thing happened, as I was going to be on the motorway for a couple of hours I wasnt happy so I turned the stereo on & off a few times & ejected the CD cartridge & restarted engine but still no luck :-(
    So I resorted to the radio, listened to that for a while & got bored & so tried the CD changer again & it came on straight away & seemed fine & has been since.
    Has anyone else had anything silimar & know the cause?
    I have a Concert tape head unit 6 CD changer & Boss. I am now thinking about changing to a Concert CD head unit & some sort of MP3 storage unit rather than an auto changer, has anyone any recomendations for this type of set up?

    any advice would be greatfully recieved.

    QUATTRO_REP Diesel Power!

    have you tried cleaning the lens in your changer? could be the problem, had the same prob on an older head unit.
    if u buy a new head unit, u need a wireing loom and stuff for the bose systems as i have one, sounded hard work so i think im stayin with std. ask anymac he seems well up on A3 ICE installations!

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