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audikiller101 strikes again...please for the love of god, someone help!!!

audikiller101 Jun 27, 2012

  1. audikiller101

    audikiller101 New Member

    Hi again audi fans... just to let you know, if i had enough power i would be concidering crashing it into a tree!!! Anyway, the 2.5tdi is broken again. fixed a blown intercooler about 5 months ago and suprise suprise, ive just blown the same one again. Alot less smoke this time due to me blanking the egr(good move matty).... have spoken to a couple on audi workshops who say the problem sounds like a massive overboost from the turbo??? apparently the run a vct??? system instead of a wastegate??? this is an un-servicable unit??? Any help or advice to either confirm this or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....many thanks in advance.. Matty

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