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Audi Winter Tyres

rezulteo Oct 20, 2011

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    Winter is approaching, with, in some regions, black ice, snow, and other inconveniences linked to a sharp fall in temperatures.

    Rezulteo gives out advice, and answers to frequent driver questions. To have a safe winter, and to avoid stress when the first snowflakes fall, nothing could be better than a quick update with regards to how you vehicle is equipped, and the attitude to adopt behind the wheel.

    In the UK, winter tyres are not a legal requirement, like in Germany for example. However, it’s important to understand why they are useful when the temperature dips below 7°c. Thanks to their sipes (tiny lines between the grooves that add grip on winter tyres), they allow better grip on wet, snowy, or icy surfaces. In most regions, they will make driving safer and more comfortable (even if they are a necessity in regions where snow is likely) however; don’t forget to follow the basic driving rules.

    Better to be safe than sorry, so why not read our tips an advice on winter tyres.

    For Q7, Q5, Q3, and other SUV owners :

    Find information on rezulteo about equipping your 4x4 or SUV with winter tyres, and their importance despite the large engine size of this type of vehicle. Lots of owners don’t know their SUV or 4x4 needs winter tyres even more than others : find out more > SUV winter tyres

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