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audi window regulators!!!!

saxonblue Nov 17, 2011

  1. saxonblue

    saxonblue Member

    is it me or do audi make rubbish window regualtors, the cables just snaped on my drivers side window, this happend to me on the old motor, my old a4
    now PING!!! its just happend again on my cab,
    oi audi use a thicker stronger cable will ya!!!!!

    now , what i need to know is dose a cab have a difrent window regulator to the normal a4 coz there a shed load cheeper on the good old ebay for a a4/s4 then the cab???
    is there a reason the a4 one wont fit a cab???? help plz
  2. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    eeeer yeah bit different. tin top cars have frames around the window attached to the door, cabs have frameless doors.
    the regs are quite different. cab windows can be a little tricky to adjust, when youve fitted a new reg, to get a good seal
  3. saxonblue

    saxonblue Member

    Ok, i fitted one on the old a4 with the roof, did a good job too if i do say so myself lol
    But the window reg looks the same on mine as it did on the old 1, i know thers a frame round the top on a tin top, but the regulator and cables ect look the same

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