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Audi Warranty

Moro Anis Feb 7, 2009

  1. Moro Anis

    Moro Anis New Member

    Hi, I've had my 54 reg TT 180 quattro for nearly 1 year and during that time I've had an Audi warranty. In the course of a year I've had a new Bose amp, an airbag module, a headlamp washer pump, a relay flasher unit, driver's door handle assembly and passenger heated seat wiring repaired. There may have been other niggles too, can't remember them all.
    Have I just got "one of those cars" or does this sound typical? I've never taken out a warranty on a car before but I've had more problems with this car than all the others in the last 20 odd years put together. The Audi warranty is £699 and covers everything with no excess. I've searched on line for warranties following recommendations on owners sites and they are all £4-500 and don't seem as comprehensive. Would you be inclined to take out a warranty as this is typical or would you say that is all the typical faults gone and carry on without one? It’s now done 57,000 miles and has full main dealer history.
  2. KatieKatie

    KatieKatie Member

    Seems like you have had more than your fair share of problems. Audi Warranty is good and covers pretty much everything.


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