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Audi VW 17", 5 Stud, RS4 Rep Alloy Wheels Set Of 4, With Tyres & Wheel Nuts

Dazboss Sep 20, 2011

  1. Dazboss

    Dazboss Like A Thristy Dingo ;)

    Set Of x4 17" Audi RS4 Wheels, with centres caps (new Audi centres badges), Wheel nuts but not locking wheel nuts.

    3 mainly good wheels, 1 not as good. Could do with a re-coat of paint. One tyre brand new coved 100 miles if that. Other 3 tyres good well above the markers.

    £220 ono.

    contact via PM or email: darrenbrookes@3uk.blackberry.com for pics (cant seem to upload pics here).

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