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Audi Video-In-Motion Interfaces - RNSe, MMI2G & MMI3G

Cruiser89 Jul 22, 2013

  1. Cruiser89

    Cruiser89 Advanced In Car Tech Site Sponsor

    Hey everybody!!

    Some great new products added to the website that lets you keep your screen unlocked whilst you're on the move! Great if you have kids and want to keep them entertained... Digital TV, USB Media, or DVD Players!

    The hide away module prevents the Audi Safety protocol from coming into force once you reach over 5kmph.

    Features include:
    • Perfect Integration to Original Equipment
    • Keep the factory monitor active whilst the vehicle is in motion
    • 24-Month Warranty
    • Plug & Play Installation
    We have three systems available.

    Audi RNSe VIM


    Direct Link - http://www.advanced-incar.co.uk/video-in-motion-vim/audi-rnse-video-in-motion

    This one is especially great if you have the latest MK2 RNSe (Gloss Black Surround) that can't be VIM Hacked with software!


    MMI 2G VIM


    Direct Link - http://www.advanced-incar.co.uk/video-in-motion-vim/audi-mmi-2g-video-in-motion


    MMI 3G VIM


    Direct Link - http://www.advanced-incar.co.uk/video-in-motion-vim/audi-mmi-3g-video-in-motion


    Now these are some really cool modules but there is some legal stuff you have to know if you want them if your vehicle...

    Legal Information
    By law watching moving pictures while driving is prohibited, the driver must not be distracted. We do not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury resulting, directly or indirectly, from installation or operation of this product. This product should only be used while standing or to display fixed menus or rear-view-camera video when the vehicle is moving, for example the MP3 menu for DVD upgrades
    Liability Disclaimer
    The ability to view video from the driver's seat while the vehicle is in motion is illegal in most countries. The ability to view the video image while moving is helpful to the driver in certain situations (e.g. Rear View Camera), but can also be distracting and dangerous in other situations. Use of this interface is exclusively at your own risk! By purchasing this interface, you release "Advanced In-Car Technologies Ltd" from any claims or liability arising from the use of the vehicle in any situation.

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