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Audi V8 rear differential for audi A4!

Coolberg Jan 20, 2004

  1. Coolberg

    Coolberg New Member

    Hallo again - need help!

    My plan is to put an Audi V8 rear differential in place of the stock Audi A4 rear differential.
    Why I am doing that?

    Because the Audi V8 differential has the torsen limited slip system inside the rear differential and is the only Audi to have this system. The outcome would be much better locked rear wheels while powersliding on dirt, snow or asfalt and still be able to use the handbrake for tight turns. I just compared them (audi A4 1.8T Quattro '97 and Audi V8 '91) bose from outside and seem to be very similar almost identical.
    I am curious if it is possible to swap the internals?
    Has anyone made this operation?

    Ther V8 rear differential has a 39:7 ratio but my Audi A4 has a 41:5 ratio, but this could be solved by puting the internals of the 2.6 V6 Audi gearbox which has the 39:7 ratio into my gearbox.

    After the swap of the differential the car would be much better handling and a better control on powerslides as the diff would kick in much earlier and would have more power on rear wheels which is a problem of Audi of too much understeer!

    Thanx in advance

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