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Audi v Merc comparison!

zeratul Apr 3, 2008

  1. zeratul

    zeratul Member

    While my car is in the bodyshop I've been given a 57' Merc E220 CDI Executive 4d Tip Auto HIRE CAR. Had it 6 days.

    I was quite looking forward to driving a new Merc for a few days but I have found a number of things that just niggle me and few nice touches:

    • I'm always having to close the door twice as with the Audi you just have to gently let the door close, but the Merc doors have to be swung with some force to close first time!
    • When you turn the ignition on the power to the radio or CD cuts off when you start it! whereas the Audi has no break!
    • Theres NO cup holder at all anywhere... had to remove the ashtray into the armrest and use that space it left!
    • The Steering wheel is not directly infront of you but ofset to the left by, what seems to be, about 2inches.
    • Not much noticable difference between the C/S mode on the Auto box.
    • Some of the dash not finished/fitting flush.
    • The Trip computer is a bit complex/lng winded ie I always have the remaining fuel showing, but you have 4 clicks using 2 buttons to get to it everytime you get in.
    • Lumber support is just the lever to the inside of the seat (above the arm rest) which, when released is only siutable for someone with a hunch! so it needs to be fully out anyway.
    • The remote boot opening that actually opens the boot is great... although getting used to opening it manually and finding the boot lid springs out of your hand, as if its going to slam the back window, gets a little getting used to!
    • Speed Limiter is cool, shame its not included on my criuse control.
    • Baby sick comes off the leather seats easily!
    • Back doors! :)
    • Auto wipers / lights are cool.
    • Windscreen water jets are actually diffused onto the screen ie they are not just thin jets of water but sprayed.
    I can't really compare the driving as the Merc is a much heavier/bigger car but the MPG is avg. 35mpg! and its a Diesel. Can't complain too much as our Allroad only does 31mpg but then again is much faster.

    Thats all I can think of at the moment... thanks for letting me get this off my chest :) Can't wait to get my car back tho.

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Still don't understand why people continue to lump Mercs in with the top brands as if everyone aspires to own one. They continually do really badly in all the car surveys, build quality is always criticised and on the road they are the most boring car to sit behind (always driven very carefully at the speed limit, and you'll never have a decent burn with a Merc). They seem to be bought by people with too much money, no interest in cars and no taste.
  3. zeratul

    zeratul Member

    ...oh - and whilst in a car park, packing shopping away, a 70yr old man came over and said 'so what do you think of it?' !!!
    :blink: lol
  4. james0808

    james0808 Active Member


    I always give a good race when im out in the S500.

    The majority are driven by bores though.

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