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Audi TT Roadster Roof Handle jammed

DizzyBrizzle Aug 6, 2014

  1. DizzyBrizzle

    DizzyBrizzle New Member

    Newbie to the forum so hello!!!

    I've only had my beloved 03 roadster two days and I've managed to jam my roof latch handle trying to close roof in a surprise downpour. It looks as though I have turned it a bit too far and now it won't budge. Don't want to force it and break it but now I can't turn it at all. The roof open light is also showing on dash so something is definitely wrong somewhere.

    Any suggestions? Car under warranty but wanted to know if there's a quick fix as read about manual operation but as I don't have an instruction book (hunting ebay)i have no clue if this is possible?

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