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Audi TT Roadster 1.8 TFSI - Power Problems!?!

Joelevy84 Jun 13, 2013

  1. Joelevy84

    Joelevy84 New Member


    First i need to say i am not too technical with cars - I will try and explain issue best i can - but any advice needs to be in lamens terms if possible please!!!

    My TT started suffering a problem a while ago - when in a low gear the red battery light would come on and the car would stall. I would have to restart the car and it would be ok for a while - and would then cut out again.

    The revs would go and it felt like i had just let the clutch out with no revs - it would jutter to a halt.

    The garage i took it too reset the fault on the computer - couldnt tell what problem was and gave it back to me!

    It was fine for a month or two until it happened again.

    This time the emission light - the yellow tap shaped one - also came on in conjunction with the red battery shaped light.

    The AA had to be called as this time i just couldnt get it going. The guy said it was a problem with the power and underperformance - the code for the fault was P3923.

    He rest the computer and again it seemed fine.

    I took it back to the garage but as the fault had been reset - they again said they couldnt tell what problem was!

    Audi want £144 just for the diagnostic!

    Was hoping someone could guide me on what to do!?

    Any help is massively appreciated!



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