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Audi TT Mk 1 Thoughts

mattyn Jan 11, 2012

  1. mattyn

    mattyn Member

    Evening All!
    MrsM had a pretty ****e year last year health wise, and a new year was gonna be a new start - however New Years Day she slipped and broke her arm.
    Being the sterling gent I am I have decided to cheer her up and buy her a new motor to replace her Mk4 Golf 1.8T GTi, and she really likes the TT.
    So I now have a series of questions:
    1. Considering spending no more than 8K, hopefully less; looking at the classifieds that realistically relates to a 04/05 reg - any major issues to be aware of?
    2. Not many in descriptions mention ipod connectivity or bluetooth - is it the case they are not compatible?
    3. What average mpg are drivers owners getting (probably looking at the 1.8 225bhp model).
    4. Being female she obviously likes the convertible - how many owners here use this car and carry a young child (ours is nearly 5) in the front?
    5. I have been told the rear seats in the coupe are actually group 3 child seats - this can't be true can it?
    6. Can anyone offer a suitable alternative - it will be a second car so practicality is not a main concern - she has expressed liking for Alfa GT and Mini Cooper S!
    7. I am not hell bent on sticking to Audi considering I already have a A6 Quattro - but a red TT on the drive would look good me thinks.
    Thanks all - looking forward to the replies!
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    Ill try to help out as much as I can mate but you might be better heading over to the TT Forum if you need anymore help.

    8k should get you a decent motor but you could probably save a lot I'm sure there is some going for aroun 6k on 04/05 models.
    Main things to look out for will be the cambelt/water pump being changed and check the dashpod as they go wrong regularly and cost about 1k to fix from audi.
    mpg wise i would get 28 on a good day, really depends how you drive it. i did manage 141 mpg but my dashpod was knackered at the time haha.
    Not sure about the rear seat, i wouldnt think it was true but you never know. the rear seat were pretty useless and i ended up getting rid of them.
    When I was getting rid of mine i tried looking at alternatives around the same price range, things like the Nissan 350Z and the BMW 1 Series coupe.

    Like i say if you have more questions best bet to fire onto the TT Forum where there is more help.

  3. dean_watford

    dean_watford Member

    I think you are making a wise choice.

    As previously said the Cambelt / Water Pump you shoudl check for. Std is 60k or 5 years for change (I think - this was for 2.0T) (consider this if you find any low milers over 5 years), but the Water Pump does not have to be done so check it has. Basically if the pump goes then you need to change the belt too.

    Convertibles are starting to pick up in price now (slump over winter) but there may still be some deals out there.I wouldn't limit it to just a 225 - the 180 can be easily chipped to 225 power, but declare on the insurance - should only increase by 5 to 10%.

    I have just been looking and considered:


    Also but nowhere near as nice:
    Focus & Astra tin tops
    Pug CCs

    Alfa's - I'd be worried about reliability so for me the real competition was the Z4.

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