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audi tt light not workin help please

davidjohngarty@yahoo.co.u Jan 10, 2011

  1. hi i thought my tt blew the dipped headlight bulb but have found out there is no power to that bulb i have checked the fuse and thats ok the other head light works fine can any one tell me wat it could be many thanks davie:slapped:
  2. 19scotty81

    19scotty81 Push down and across !!!!!!!!!

    Are the other bulbs in the unit working ??????
  3. yes they are all workin just the xeozn one isnt
  4. clintopher

    clintopher New Member

    i have the same problem with mine... T_T
  5. hi thats to of us with the same problem surely some one can help out of the 30 viewers please

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