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Audi TT and the iPod

WannaSeeMyTT? Mar 11, 2007

  1. WannaSeeMyTT?

    WannaSeeMyTT? GA TT Owner

    OK... my 2003 Audi TT owner's manual nor the Audi Concert Sound System manual have a diagram of the back of the head unit. Before I go pulling this bastage out, does anyone know if it has an "auxilary out" in the back of the unit that's in addition to the CD changer? I want to add my iPod to my sound system but want to keep the 6-disc CD changer as well. Anyone else have experiences with adding the iPod?

    Oh, I've thought about the iTrip where it plugs into the cigarrette lighter but the lighter is inside the ash tray and I'm not sure that would work. I've even considered having another female lighter outlet wired in and possibly placed on that shelf below the glove box.


  2. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    this is possible to keep oem cd changer and add ipod connection, some guy on the tt-forum.co.uk has come up with an idea and got some home made kits.
  3. ButchsTT

    ButchsTT Member

    Buy a Phatbox get rid of it all

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