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audi TT 225- crankshaft problem

ari9 Aug 22, 2009

  1. ari9

    ari9 New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I need some advise on who to take my car too to fix this problem i have. needs to be someone who is not a rip off ( like alot of them can be ) and someone who can do the job properly in the bolton/manchester area.

    the problem is I accidently overfilled the engine with oil when topping up, it then appeared with the oil light and a noise from engine after a short drive. on investigation there was bits of metal found in the sump, blockage found in oil pump and pipe then on top of this there r grooves on 2 journals on the crankshaft with the shells broken up which explains where the metal comes from.

    I need advise / support for someone who can do this job preferably an audi mech who wishes to make some money in the spare time or someone who can actually do a proper job without over charging you.

    Can anybody help?

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