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Audi TT 2.0 16v TDI engine code?

EMT Apr 11, 2009

  1. EMT

    EMT New Member


    I am trying to swap a 2.0 16v TDi into a mk1 audi TT. I am trying to figure out if the audi tt ever came with a BKD. Or could anyone give me some information on the engines that came with the TT in 2.0 16v TDI configuration?

    Also does anyone know the 6 speed tranny code that came with it?

    Is there a place I can call, about sourcing me a full complete engine, harness, ecu, tranny, minus the turbo?

    thanks in advance, for any information.
  2. frenchy2475

    frenchy2475 Tetbury Audi Parts Man

    No MK1 TTs ever came with 2.0tdis, only the MKII TT which has a 170CR tdi with an engine code of CBBB.

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