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Tommy g Apr 17, 2012

  1. Tommy g

    Tommy g New Member

    I have regretably decided to put my tt up sale. I am getting a company car so the tt has to go. Heres the full spec...

    Make: Audi
    Model: TT 1.8T 225 (8N)
    Year: 2001
    Miliage: 85,000 (Will rise slightly as still being used daily
    Colour: Black
    M.O.T: 15/10/12
    Tax: 31/06/12
    V5/Book pack: Present
    Previous owners: 2
    Hpi: Clear
    Tracker: Present
    Price: £5,000

    I have a folder full of recipts including servicing, m.o.t's, parts etc. I also have the original purchase invoice from 01/05/2001 for £26,680. I also have the import certificate for when it was originally shipped over to the dealer. The extra's that were specced were..

    Full black leather, Bose sound system with 6 cd changer and tt competition alloys.

    The car was purchased by a lady on the 01/05/2001 and she owned it until the car was then purchased by PCP ltd as a company car until i purchased it on the 17/12/11. The car has only had 2 previous owners so it hasn't been abused and passed about which is rare for a preformance car. I have just phoned Leicester Audi to make sure all recalls had been carried out and there is 1 outstanding for the coilpacks which i have booked in to have done on the 21/4/12

    Here's the service history from the service book..

    12/09/03 - 18,858 Lancaster Audi
    21/03/05 - 31,517 Links Audi
    03/05/06 - 37,072 Lancaster Audi
    28/04/08 - 59,117 Sale VW/Audi
    24/06/10 - 74,265 Sale VW/Audi
    12/11/11 - 81,570 Mastertech VW/Audi

    Hers's the reicipts i have..

    20/06/2002 - Lancaster Audi - o/s/f seat height adjuster damper replaced under warranty
    25/06/2002 - P.F.Jones Ltd - Supply & fit Tracker system
    12/09/2003 - Lancaster Audi - longlife service
    26/04/2004 - P&J Tyres - 2 x Pirelli tyres fitted
    16/06/2004 - Poplar Grove garage - m.o.t
    06/07/2004 - Lancaster Audi - Wiper relay & motor replaced
    22/03/2005 - Links Audi - 30k service and temp sensor
    08/11/2005 - Links Audi - mounting
    15/01/2007 - Sale VW/Audi - Air con pump replaced
    20/07/2007 - Motorsport wheels - 1 x Pirelli tyre
    17/08/2007 - Poplar garage - m.o.t
    26/09/2007 - Sale VW/Audi - Cambelt kit, waterpump, anti roll bar and bushes and n/s/f drop link
    28/04/2008 - Sale VW/Audi - Longlife service
    13/05/2008 - Sale VW/Audi - Air flow meter fitted
    29/08/2008 - Poplar garage - Tyres balanced and rear suspension spring replaced
    14/10/2009 - C Mountney & sons - Rear discs & pads replaced & o/s/r caliper
    24/06/2010 - Sale VW/Audi - longlife service & repair to clutch pedal
    24/09/2010 - Sale VW/Audi - Both rear wishbone bushes replaced, n/s/r suspension spring and o/s steering gaiter replaced
    13/10/2011 - Poplar garage - m.o.t , cv outer boots replaced & front brake pads
    06/01/2012 - Eurocarparts - Apex 40mm spring kit, Strut top mounts & bearings
    31/01/2012 - AP Motorsore - silver 501 side repeator bulbs
    01/02/2012 - MTS - smoked side repeaters
    14/02/2012 - Leicester TPS - 2 x number plate light units
    29/02/2012 - Eurocarparts - H&R 50mm hubcentric spacers
    01/04/2012 - Wheel fitting soloutions - 16 wheel bolts, locking wheel set & spigot rings
    02/04/2012 - Awesome - FK badgeless grille
    04/04/2012 - Eurocarparts - 2 x outer cv boot kits

    When i purchased the car it was completley standard. From owning it i have done the following modifications..

    BBS lm reps 18"x8.5J with streched Falken 215/45/18 tyres with 7mm tread
    Apex springs 40mm
    Wak airbox mod
    Forge Splittr dump valve
    MTS smoked side repeaters with silver bulbs
    H&R hubcentric 50mm spacers fitted to the rear (25mm each axle)
    Black rear audi ring badge
    FK badgeless front grille (not yet fitted)

    Heres the pics which were taken on 15/04/2012...


    The body work is in very good condition with no door dinks etc nd really does look the part. I constentley get comments on how it looks all the time. I will be really sad to see it go but i carnt afford to run 2 cars.

    I'f you want anymore info pictures etc please don't hesitate to ask. I'm not looking for a p/x just cash. I'm after £5,000. I'm based in Leicestershire.

    My contact phone number is: 07742971061

    Regards Tommy
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2012

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