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  1. Flyingscotsmanz

    Flyingscotsmanz New Member

    Heads up for Europeans: My wife's Q5 - with the dreaded 7 speed - broke down in the M5 tunnel in Sydney- in peak hour traffic.

    Audi are replacing the gearbox under warranty.

    This was a potentially catastrophic situation, possibly life threatening when the car dies in heavy traffic.

    My issue is: it was a know problem globally, that Audi recalled in other markets (US and China) but elected not to in Oz. and it seems they have ignored the issue in the Q5 in other markets too.

    The dealership doing the warranty work also told me I was lucky they were as I had not had the car serviced at an Audi Dealer. (hello Department of Fair Trading? hello ACCC?)

    Having called Audi just now to voice my concerns I got a complete lack of concern, a lot of 'not factory policy' blah blah.

    And not a lot of concern. But I got a reference number to keep me happy.

    Friends, countrymen: Avoid this German 'quality' marque. They do not necessarily build goods cars, and won't always do the right thing when problems occur.
  2. josedebardi

    josedebardi Well-Known Member Team Panther VCDS Map User Audi RS3

    Sorry to hear about your poor experience. As you say, not a good place to have a breakdown.

    While I'm sure there is nothing anyone can say to fully restore your confidence in the brand I can assure you that you are in the minority and in comparison to many other Marques Audi is very good quality.
    Ironically this is reflected in forums best - I am a member of 4 or 5 Audi and Q5 forums and VERY few complaints are made, in comparison if you go in a Land Rover forum (just one example of another 'quality marque') it is awash with people posting about poor quality and failures etc.

    The 7 speed STronic has had some recalls as you say, but considering how many are out there not many actually fail. It is the same unit as VW's DSG box so the combined number of units is huge! The bit that fails is usually the mechatronics unit (basically the clever brain that controls the mechanical parts). Do you know if this is the part that failed on your Q5?

    Hopefully once it is fixed you will be back to trouble free motoring for the rest of your ownership of the vehicle (if you keep it!?).

    All the best.

  3. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    dont feed the troll

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