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Audi soundsystem/nav

forschi Mar 26, 2014

  1. forschi

    forschi New Member

    I'm on the lookout for an A4 ca 2009 model, there seems to be a few different versions of stereos fitted (Concert, CD Changer, Multimedia) i'm looking for bluetooth streaming or USB-connecting my phone (android atm but soon iPhone)
    Ive seen some adaptors that seems to be useable for bluetooth streaming that goes in the MMI-port in the glovebox. Does all these stereos have that or just those with MMI (MultiMedia-stereo with SD-slots or the CD-Changer) and if i buy one with a Concert....am i screwed or can it be done?
    Also AMI/MMI does anyone have a link or explaination to all of this as this is all new to me.
  2. Anthony566

    Anthony566 Active Member

    This might help ?

    AMI – Audi Music Interface
  3. forschi

    forschi New Member

    Oh, great. So if it doesnt have the center console thing its not MMI thus never equipped with the AMI whitch means only line-in audio as i understand.
    Have one on hand with the cd-changer and B&O sound system, kinda feel i want that
  4. beemerboy9

    beemerboy9 Active Member

    The AMI interface can be retro-fitted to the Concert radio.
  5. forschi

    forschi New Member

    Hmm, really...well, what differences or limitations is there if i get one with the cd-changer or multimedia unit or a concert one? As Ive seen theres something called RNSE on the concert and MMI on the cd-changer/multimedia unit....im guessing its something about how they communicate. But is it just about the soundsystem/nav or does it also limit the functions/screen in some way?
    Tbh the integrated systems are way behind tablets and stuff anyway and im never gonna use the navigation system

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