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audi servicing is a joke

kirsty76 Jan 11, 2011

  1. kirsty76

    kirsty76 Member

    just picked my car up after a service and was told i needed a new rear washer as its not working tried it and it works fine, that i needed new brake fluid because it gets done when the car is 3 years old and every 2 years although my car is only 4 years old and my local garage said it was fine, and that i needed 2 new tyres as they were both on legal limit but after checking my self they were on 4 - 3.5. has anyone else been told any thing they needed for a service but didnt actually need it and audi were just money grabbing or is it just me?
  2. aragorn

    aragorn "Stick a V8 in it!" Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Given that the main dealers charge over £100 for little more than an oil change, what do you expect?

    Take it elsewhere.
  3. kirsty76

    kirsty76 Member

    well they charged £256 yet still wanted more for stuff that didnt need replacing if i didnt no how to replace stuff my self i would of ended up paying extra money for something that didnt need doing so makes you think how much other people pay who dont have a clue.
  4. Elgy

    Elgy Member

    Its not just Audi. My last car was a Honda. The dealer gave me a list costing 1k to repair. What they didn't know is that I qualified as a Vehicle Technician, but get my car serviced for the warranty and full dealer service history. I got a few things they suggested done, a few months later, when the tyres actually needed doing, and never went back.

    The following year I went to another dealer, and they didn't find fault with the other items that I hadn't had changed at all.

    The two dealers were part of the same group too, so its not the group. It might not even be the dealership. At some places the Mechanics are paid bonuses for hours accumilated. You get more hours if you do more work on less cars as oposed to less work per car. This is because you don't accumilate time for bringing a car in and out of the workshop etc...
  5. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    welcome to the world of the dealers
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Welcome to the world of the stealers!
  7. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Yeah took my GFs little R reg fiesta in at ford for a service.

    They rang me to say it Wanted £1300,00 in parts and labour, including warped brake discs, broken wipers,all sorts of problems. LOL

    They wanted £30 to fill the washer fluid as it was empty, funny as it was filled by me before i went in and was full when i came out?

    I just laughed, was tempted to report them for trying to defraud me as i took it too another garage and all was fine, aswell as letting my mechanic friend have a look.

    Utter cowboys, its scary because they try it with everyone nowadays, not just the unsuspecting women.
  8. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group Manual

    Dealers aka Stealers!!!

    They rely on fleet and thats where they get there money and also from unsuspecting customers, who unfortunately dont know any better.

    Luckily there are quite a few really good specialists out there and local mechanics, who rely on regular custom and will do a great job good and honestly, hence the return custom and good word of mouth.

    Good to see you didnt get stung.
  9. Ads

    Ads License to drive

  10. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    My take on this one is as follows;

    Most Audi Drivers iv seen at the dealership are corparate customers who's cars are not owned by them, when there car goes in and gets a service and the service techs says, Blah Blah Blah , Bull Sh1t and more Bull, here is what's needed and the costs, the customer don't give a flying **** as they are not paying the bill, they are only authorising it and charging it to there company car account of maintenance,

    Now they are trained to do this to everyone that comes in for a service hopping that we all bit the BS apple and pay up, After all if you cant change oil on a car, then how the hell are you going to know that your break hose is weathered or any other BS that they spill out?

    BUT not all of us are flipping knob jockeys and accept BS that is handed out on a silver plate at the service desk, I for one am not and never will be, They are not called the Stealers for nothing you know!
  11. ScottD3

    ScottD3 I want your faulty electronics Supporter Team V6 quattro Audi A8 Audi S8 saloon Team Akoya TDi

    I booked mine for a gear box service, left it with them for the hole the day.
    They gave me a very nice 10 plate A4 S-line to drive around in for the day.
    Had a phone call 9 hours later saying they have not done the service and they found other things wrong with the car.

    I was abit shocked, since i only asked them to do the gear box and not inspect the car. I knew there was things wrong with it and they are on my list to fix.
    He would not explain to me what the faults was over the phone, just saying hat they are costly.

    His excuse for not doing the gear box oil is that they ran out of oil, due to two gear box rebuilds that they are doing and the fact that they found £3000 worth of parts that needs replacing. he said they only checked over a small part of the car and stopped when the repairs got more than the car is worth.

    The only faults they found was fault rear washer jet, missing AC pump (I took it off cause it got stuck and melted the belt on to the pully and made a mess) and N/S & O/S front upper arms front and rear and the top suspention mount.
    I was not angry about the inspection of them telling me what was wrong, I was more annoyed with them not getting enough gear box oil in when I booked the car in a month before. Not going back to them again Unless I really have to.
    I get all my parts from the local VW garage. Need to find a indy near me now.
  12. kirsty76

    kirsty76 Member

    well i only use audi as i want to keep it as full audi service history as i wouldnt buy one without it because of the amount of them that are clocked but can be checked through audi, other wise i would do the full service myself.

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