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Audi Service?

hmeah Oct 22, 2007

  1. hmeah

    hmeah New Member

    just got myself a 53 plate audi cabriolet.. it says service not due for another 5300 miles.... or 225 days...

    i wanted to know.. when i brake it makes a sqeeking noise... do i need to replace the pads even thou the computer is not showing it? also the person i bought it from said audi's need a service every 20000 miles and said i should use a specific oil in between.. can someone tell me what oil it is & where i can get it from..

    my audi is 1.8t sports, auto....

  2. bubstar

    bubstar Member

    Just because the brakes squeak it doesn't mean the linings are low. Probably just need a clean and some copper grease smeared on the back of the pads.
    Could also be cheap pads but the clean/grease should sort them :thumbsup:

    Oil will be fully synthetic 0w30 or 5w30 - Castrol Edge or Mobil 1 etc... The spec used to be VAG 503.00 or 503.01 I'm not sure what the latest one is but you'll still see the 503.01 or 00 listed on bottles.

    If the car is on longlife service it can go up to 2 years or 20000 miles between services but up to 15k is the norm.

    Most folks (like me) will say get an oil change at least once a year for the good of your engine.

    BUB :beerchug:

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