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Audi Service vs Specialist

rmprest Jul 16, 2012

  1. rmprest

    rmprest New Member

    Hi all,

    Wanted to gather some opinions, hope I'm in the right place to be posting something like this.

    What is people's opinions on having their Audi serviced at an local specialist rather than an Audi garage ?

    I know people like FASH but does it really make that much difference ?

    (Specialist being Awesome GTI btw who I know are well respected)


  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Every year i have my Audi serviced at VAGTECH.

    They do a better job, for a better price and use the same if not better equipment.

    Although they don't valet the car like Audi do, but i trust VAGTECH far more than i do Audi.
  3. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    The money you save using specialists will easily cover for any amount you would gain from having full main dealer history. I can understand if you changed cars every 3 years you would want to use main dealers for for keeping the warranty, but these days, servicing outside the dealer network using genuine parts retains the warranty anyways.
  4. rmprest

    rmprest New Member

    That's what I was thinking as well in terms of cost savings compared to specialist costs, so thanks for confirming.

    My car's warranty is up at the end of the year and I'll be keeping it for a good number of years so that's not an issue.

    Thanks for the advise !
  5. Turkster

    Turkster Bro.Paul 2.5TDI Quattro Sport

    well my cars hit the 11 year old area now, so Im looking to do all the oil services myself from now on, i dont think the value of my car will be affected that much,
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    To be honest Paul, I doubt service history is that important after 150k miles and 10 years old. You just buy a car on condition when those figures come up in my opinion, and have a bit on the side for any nasty surprises.
  7. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Defo a specialist, what I have found nowadays is that Dealers are only concerned with Fleet as they know what they say will just usually get the go ahead, whereas the general public like you and I would question and debate it.

    A specialist is a persons own business, so they need to rely on return custom, word of mouth and reputation, this all helps to pay the bills and in turn you get a better experience.

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