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Audi Sat Nav upgrade old to new

imported_christhick Apr 4, 2006

  1. If I were to buy a 1999-2000 A6 with standard Audi sat-nav and TV fitted is it possible to upgrade the HU with a newer version (DVD based) without to much hassle.
  2. If it has the RNS-D, then yes, if it has the older C unit you will not have can bus for the RNS-E.
  3. Woooosh, straight over my head. Sorry Craigb, I'm not really up too speed with it all.

    Whats the running order for Audi sat nav

    e.g the prehistoric satnav, then the stone age model followed by the iron age upgrade!!! and what does what?

    I guess just having satnav means that the double din problem is sorted, then it comes down to a complete rewire to sort everything else out!!!
  4. Only really 4 models

    RNS-C upto 2000
    RNS-D 2001 onwards
    RNS-E 2004 onwards
    BNS 2001 (DIS + concert/symphony)

    I would say that you probably have a C, so upgrading is difficult unless your cluster has 3 connectors on the back and not 2. You need the green/blue and grey connectors for a can bus dash. If you have that then you can probably install and RNS-E without to much trouble. If not then you would need a can bus adaptor and you would lose the DIS.

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