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Audi Sat Nav options/specs/features

koonl Aug 14, 2006

  1. koonl

    koonl Member

    Hi all,

    I'm lookng to sell my A3 for an A4 as we have a baby on the way. I've had the unfortunate situation where my A3 was broken into and the TomTom nicked, but I'm holding off buying another until I get an A4. I want to get an integrated Satnav solution, be it an Audi or aftermarket kit.

    I'm struggling to find any information on any product information on the Audi sat nav model line up, including features and spec (TV, DVD playback etc), so I can compare with other Audi models and aftermarket products. I've only heard of Navigation and Navigation Plus. Are there any others? What are the required components if I wanted to retro fit one in?

    I'll be buying a secondhand A4, and if it comes with satnav, I'd like to be armed with the knowledge so I can see exactly what I'm getting.

    Does anyone have a link to such a source? Also, do you need to subscribe to satnav, or the cd's for annual updates?

    Thanks all
  2. Covenant

    Covenant Member

    See the retrofit sticky topics above for the parts you need.

    If you want more details on SatNav I'd advise visiting a few dealers and getting them to show you it.

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