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Audi S6 V10 19x9j Alloys, Set of 5

timmythechef Nov 9, 2012

  1. timmythechef

    timmythechef Starin' Through My Rear View

    For sale are the Audi S6 V10 alloys.
    They are in near mint condition, and are in very good condition and with 5 very good tyres.
    Note the tyre closest to the camera looks bald, but all 5 have been changed this year.
    Condition of the tyres
    Easily 4/5mm on the tyres, I did go for a famine spec tyre, for one reason, I was using these as my daily when my winters were being purchased/refurbed so needed a hard wearing tyre. I say famine, they were still £88 each.
    The what I call 5th/spare has about 6mm on it.
    I havent got photos of the damage, there is a 5p peice size stone chip on one, and a 1 inch rash from a pot hole on the 5th. Its not noticeable from a side view, just on the rim where its exposed from stretch.
    Their all 215/35/19 tyres.
    How they looked on my car.
    Price is £1000 ONO
    I'm open to sensible offers, and P/x but would like something Bentley, cash either way depending on condition.
    Contact number is Zero7Nine666633Two6

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