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Audi S6 rear parking sensor question about replacement

technics100 Mar 4, 2009

  1. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    I'm having problems with one of my rear parking sensors. It has thrown a vag-com code and now beeps intermittently when reverse is engaged. I have removed the sensor and the part number is 4B0 919257A, the dealers want £66 for one sensor, which seems like a lot. So after searching on ebay etc I have found a few on German ebay although they have a different letter at the end of the part number. some have B, some C, some D. All I can see different is the angle of the plug to connect the sensor. Will these work ok? Or does anyone know where I can get replacement sensors from that aren't £66 each. Are there any other vag cars using the same sensor? Here is a similar one on ebay, looks the same shape, will it fit?


    Again the first 3 digits are different because its a different chassis and the end letter is different, but it looks the same as mine.

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