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Audi S4 Front End for Sale

S3 TRS Apr 28, 2011

  1. S3 TRS

    S3 TRS Active Member

    Im selling my Genuine S4 front end.
    Parts comprise of

    1 x Front bumper (with xenon cutouts) and washer jet caps
    2 x Foglights
    2 x Foglight Grilles
    1 x Bottom Centre Grille
    1 x Centre grille with audi badge

    note that it does not include a headlight washer as my car didnt have this.

    I am also after a SE or s-line front bumper to put my car back to stock. i will require just the bumper (top and bottom) only.

    Im willing to negotiate if someone wants a swap for the bumper and bits and part cash payment.
    email trs888@me.com for info/offers.

    Please bear in mind that all parts are Genuine Audi and that they have been on the car roughly 1 year, but the car has been off the road for about 5 months due to mechanical issues and sat on my drive pretty much where it is in the photos.

    The top centre grille has a Matte surround.

    Foglights from the A4 are a different fitting, not compatible with the S4 front bumper. These retail at Audi for around £70 each side.







  2. Quattro180

    Quattro180 Member

    Is front end still for sale?
  3. LeeT

    LeeT Member

    how much?

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