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Audi S4 CEL Dilema!!!!

BlkNotes Sep 11, 2013

  1. BlkNotes

    BlkNotes New Member

    Hello Members;

    I have a Cel occuring.It was cleared once but came back in approximately 1 week. The vehicle does not seem to suffer from any symptms. The codes are;

    #1 18010 Power supply terminal 30
    P1102-002 Voltage too low intermintant

    #2 17544/ P1136-Fuel trim: bank 1

    #3 16555/P0171 system lean

    I beleive the first code it due to me disconnecting and charging the battery a few times.

    Possible causes??-- MAF sensor, Vaccum leak, Fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump


    I thought I would clean the MAF sensor

    Is there an engine component diagram that shows the vacuum lines. I know the lines to the fuel pressure regulator can crack at the T connection, as well as some braided vac lines which can deteriorate can be the culprits. I am trying to inspect them visually to see if I can find anything, but am new to this vehicle. Something to help me identify them woud be great.

    Does anyone have a picture of the Vacuum diagram in the engine bay?


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