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Audi S4 Cabby buying advice

Abb May 7, 2011

  1. Abb

    Abb Member

    Hello everyone, am new to the forum as I am in the market for an S4 Cabriolet B7, multitronic. Was just wanting to know if there was anything (apart from the normal checks) specific I should look out for with regards to common faults on this model, or costly repairs. For those that are fortunate to have one of these amazing vehicles, how are they for everyday useage, running costs, fuel, servicing, etc.
    Did have my heart set on this one (link below), however hasnt had the belt, discs & pads changed, also has had three keepers incl the trade seller (as they lost V5 when taking possession!?? and had to register as a keeper for a new one) nor has it ticked all the boxes regarding options. Loving the colour combo, though I know its not to everyones taste!

    2007 07 AUDI S4 on eBay (end time 13-May-11 23:36:49 BST)

    Thanks in advance!

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